Item Call Out: Shared Stories of South Tyneside

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We want to feature your items in our upcoming exhibition...

Cox's Bazaar Sunset


Monday 15 April


South Shields Museum & Art Gallery and South Tyneside Shared Stories Group need your help. 

We would like to invite you to tell us your stories and share your objects of heritage.  

We would love to display some of your items in the museum, to help to tell the story of British Bangladeshi history, so that people can see and experience the meaning and beauty behind these items.

Click here to view our leaflet in Bengali.

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 Deadline extended - You have until Monday 15 April to submit your objects!

Background to the project 

British Bangladeshis account for approximately 1.1% of the total population. This steering group want to shine a spotlight on the huge impact and contribution British Bangladeshis have made to society, and we aim to tell the stories of the local community, living in South Tyneside.

South Tyneside Shared Stories is a group of mainly British Bangladeshis, based in South Shields. We are collecting pictures and objects with stories that reflect the rich heritage and experiences of our community. Your contribution(s) will help to preserve and celebrate this dual culture and identity. Every addition will add to the diversity of this history.  

More information

For more details, please email:

We are also looking for Saree Stories:

Do you have any images of you wearing your Bangali-made saree to a special event/occasion? Would you be happy to let your photo(s) and story be used in an exhibition this summer? Please add it to your details. 

Can you briefly tell us your saree story? 

Do you have an image of you wearing your saree? 

Which part of Bangladesh did your saree come from?