This is a pocket watch discovered in a South Shields pawn shop. It has a cream face with gilt decoration and black numbers.

All about this activity

Take One Treasure is a creative activity focusing on a selected item from the collections of South Shields Museum and Art Gallery.

The activities are in three parts to be completed over a three-week period, but learners can work at their own pace.

You can use materials such as paper, pencils, tape or glue, magazine or newspaper clippings and anything else you can find. Check you have permission before using.

At the end of each activity we ask you take a photograph of your work and email it to us to be included in our Online Art Gallery on our Facebook page.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your creative Treasures. 

The full activity is below or you can download your Take One Treasure pocketwatch activity sheet as a pdf here

Activity 1 - Draw

This is a pocket watch has a cream face with gilt decoration and black numbers.
This is a pocket watch has a cream face with gilt decoration and black numbers

Make a drawing of the whole watch or concentrate on an area or detail.

• Imagine what the back might look like.  Could there be an inscription on the back? What might it say? 

• Imagine you own this watch.  Where would you keep it?   Would you keep it hidden away or on display, or maybe you would wear it?

Next, draw a picture of it in your special place.

Activity 2 - Mixed Media Collage

Make a collage/mixed media representation of the watch. 

  • Use different materials you may have around the house. This could be buttons, pasta, magazine clippings, aluminium foil, fabric, etc.
  • Look closely at the details on the watch, what materials will you use to create the details on your work of art?
  • Think about the watch and what it may have meant to someone who owned it.  Do you think it was a gift or maybe bought second hand? 

Is there an object that you treasure? Make a model or drawing of it. 

Activity 3 - The art of the word

Create lists of words that describe the watch.

  • Think about the colours, textures, how it would feel to touch, look at the patterns and the lettering.
  • Imagine what it might smell like, sounds it would make, and the emotions it might evoke. 

Write a poem or short story using the vocabulary as inspiration.

Share what you create

Share what you have created with us - email us images or words to sslm@twmuseums.org.uk to help us create an online Facebook Gallery, by using @S_ShieldsMuseum #SSMAGatHome on Twitter.