Learning - pocketwatch

This is a pocket watch discovered in a South Shields pawn shop. It has a cream face with gilt decoration and black numbers.

Download the activity sheet

You can download your Take One Treasure pocketwatch activity sheet as a pdf here

Activity 1 - Draw

Make a drawing of the whole watch or concentrate on an area or detail.

• Imagine what the back might look like.  Could there be an inscription on the back? What might it say? 

• Imagine you own this watch.  Where would you keep it?   Would you keep it hidden away or on display, or maybe you would wear it?

Next, draw a picture of it in your special place.

Activity 2 - Mixed Media Collage

Make a collage/mixed media representation of the watch. 

• Use different materials you may have around the house. This could be buttons, pasta, magazine clippings, aluminium foil, fabric, etc.

• Look closely at the details on the watch, what materials will you use to create the details on your work of art?

• Think about the watch and what it may have meant to someone who owned it.  Do you think it was a gift or maybe bought second hand? 

Is there an object that you treasure? Make a model or drawing of it. 

Activity 3 - The art of the word

Create lists of words that describe the watch.

• Think about the colours, textures, how it would feel to touch, look at the patterns and the lettering.

• Imagine what it might smell like, sounds it would make, and the emotions it might evoke. 

Write a poem or short story using the vocabulary as inspiration.

Share what you create

Share what you have created with us - email us images or words to sslm@twmuseums.org.uk to help us create an online Facebook Gallery, by using @S_ShieldsMuseum #SSMAGatHome on Twitter.