Sensory Journeys Sounds

Focus on Foley Art

For inspiration watch Foley Artist Ruth Sullivan make simple sound effects from everyday objects in this YouTube video.

Sound library

Play the sound recordings made by Foley Artist Ruth Sullivan. You can practice making the sounds with the suggestions from the stories or try to make up new ways to make the sounds. Which way sounds best? Which way do you enjoy most?

Davy's First Shift Foley

Alarm - Spoon In Saucepan

Bubbling Kettle

Clogs (knuckles - Softer)

Clogs (knuckles On Table)


Door Knocking

Fast Rattles

Fire - Crackle

Fire - Flames 

Mouse Squeaks


Rattling Tubs

Stirring Tea 

Tea Slurp

Window Tapping

To Catch a Smuggler Story Foley

Bubble Wrap Pops

Footsteps In Pebbles

Footsteps In Sand - Running

Footsteps In Wet Sand

Gin Slosh + Lid Open

Horses Hooves + Bridle

Horses Hooves


Mouth Pops

Oars in Water

Sniff X2 And Reaction!

Splashing Through Water

Waves - Rice In Tray

Waves - Sea Sausage

Woo-Woo x4

Little Bear and the Treasure Box Foley

Footsteps In The Sand

Horses Hooves + Bridle

Muddy Footsteps - Slow

Muddy Footsteps - Varied pace

Pouring From Jug - Long

Pouring From Jug - Short X2

Soldiers - Fast March

Soldiers Marching